Define, Develop, Maintain

With our experience in data collection, data processing, and knowledge sharing we help our clients with the complete software development cycle. Instead of documenting every requirement in detail we work in short sprints towards the desired end result. 



Short development cycle

Less risk

Cost effective

Data collection

Experience the difference between static questions and a conversation

From forms to advanced (follow-up) questionnaires, we have the knowledge and experience required to collect data in a userfriendly manner supporting multiple devices.

  • Design and development of a portal for end users and administrators

  • Development of an advanced designer to create (follow-up) questionnaires

  • Use earlier given answers to ask personalized questions in follow-up questionnaires

  • Additional questionnaires based on participant characteristics

  • Data Encryption & Security

  • Export & Analysis functionalities

  • Development of API's

Data processing

We support organizations being more efficient and effective in their data processing


  • Import & APIs
  • Advanced business logic
  • Duplicate input detection 
  • Workflows & Audit trails
  • User management & Security
  • Machine Learning (coding/classification of user input)

Save, Extract and Share Knowledge

Organizations which rely on sharing knowledge, internally and/or externally, have often difficulty in facilitating this process using information technology. It often requires smart algorithms to determine which knowledge is relevant and integrating this knowledge in other applications. 

  • Development of a portal for creating knowledge pages
  • Development of document libraries
  • Intelligent search algorithm 
  • APIs for integrating knowledge in other applications
  • Indexing information (using Elastic search) real-time for fast search and information retrieval